A Love Without End

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The question has sometimes been asked, “If abortion were to be ended, what would we do with all of the unwanted children?”

First, this question is based on a false premise. There is no such thing as an unwanted child. Every child will find other people who appreciate and love them in life.

Okay, they will find people who love them. But would all of these children have a home to go to?

As of today, approximately 600,000 couples are currently seeking to adopt, yet there are only 40,000 babies placed for adoption each year and 129,000 children in foster care [1]. Of the more than 1,000,000 teenagers who become pregnant each year, only 2-3% tend to choose adoption and 40% choose abortion [2].

These numbers suggest that there is plenty more room for “unwanted” children.

It should also be noted that many women who initially believe they do not want another child change their mind over time. This can be especially true for women who view their babies via ultrasound.

What is most important to realize in this discussion is that there is no limit to love. There is no child that must be turned away. The very best part of our existence is building up this love, and finding a way to show it to others.



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