Abortion and Conscience Rights

Conscience Clause, Doctors, Nurses, Refuse, Morality

The provision of conscience rights allow doctors, nurses and health care workers to refuse to perform abortion because it goes against their moral beliefs.

However, in government, regulations protecting those working in health care services have now been rescinded [1].

This puts the government in a position to potentially pressure doctors and nurses to perform procedures such as abortions, even if taking the life of innocent preborn children goes against their beliefs.

Institutions that don’t comply may face funding cuts or worse [2].

Pharmacists could also be at risk, if they refuse to provide drugs such as Plan B [3].

Procedures in question also include some family planning measures, infertility treatments and controversial research [4].

Clinics, hospitals, health plans and state and local governments are all at risk for losing funding for this very reason.

The American public should be outraged by these decisions because the federal government should not be able to coerce or pressure physicians (or any type of health care worker for that matter) to do provide services that end a human life.



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