Abortion Clinics: Who Cares What the Laws Says?

Although abortion is currently legal within the United States, some pro-lifers find at least some level of comfort in the fact that there are regulations in place to help protect the women who receive them from unnecessary harm.

However, there have been numerous reports that indicate abortion clinics disregard many of these regulations and seem to suffer no real consequences.

In Iowa, for example, there is a law that requires all abortions to be performed by a certified physician. To most people, this only makes sense. A doctor must be present in case any immediate complications arise and the woman needs help.

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (The P.P. affiliate in Iowa) has disregarded this requirement by trying to interpret a doctor being on a computer screen via webcam is the same as a doctor being present in the room where the abortion is being performed.

So, why has Planned Parenthood gone to such extremes that sometimes don’t even bother to bring an actual physician into the room?

It’s obviously not because they care about women’s health.

The truth is that there are actually a very small percentage of doctors willing to perform abortions, and the abortion industry is always looking more efficient ways to take the lives of the unborn. If hearing this reminds you of the Nazis efforts to find ever more efficient ways to take the lives of the Jews, you are not alone.

As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. Planned Parenthood can claim their interest is in women’s health as much as they want, but anyone who takes a look at how their business operates quickly founds out that their true interest is in selling more and more of their most profitable service, abortion.



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