Adoption: An Opportunity to Fulfill Dreams

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Those who are pro-choice often claim that without abortion there would be many unwanted children without homes to go to. However, the truth is that there is actually a surplus of couples in the United States that are actively looking to adopt.

Each year over 163,000 babies are eligible for adoption in the U.S., while approximately 600,000 couples actively seeking to adopt children [1].

There is an overabundance of eligible parents who would be more than happy to raise a child as their own if given the opportunity.

Adoption seems like the most prudent option for a woman who might not be ready for the responsibility of a child.

There are a variety of reasons that this might be the case. If a woman does not feel she has the support she needs, the financial resources or is afraid the she is not ready to be a parent, adoption is the answer.

She might have to sacrifice during her pregnancy, but she will never have to endure the pain of knowing that she took the life of her child. She also avoids the increased health risks associated with abortion and can live in peace knowing that she made the right decision.



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