Are Black Leaders In Line With the Beliefs of Their Members?

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Think about the most well-known leaders of the black community.

Are most of those who you thought of pro-choice?

Odds are, that they probably are.

For example, one of the most prominent African-American organizations is the the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, also known as the NAACP.

This organization and several others like it have publicly come out in support of abortion and Planned Parenthood, while decrying any associations that have been made between abortion and slavery [1].

Does this mean that these views are held by most African-Americans?

In fact, polls have indicated that a clear majority identify as being pro-life [2].

This should not be surprising considering that Africans American women are being specifically targeted by the abortion industry.

Unfortunately, their efforts have been devilishly successful, as is evidenced by the fact that 30-40% of all abortions are performed on black women, despite African-Americans only comprising 12% of the general population [3].

While finally being rid of the horrid practice of slavery was a true step forward America, legalized abortion and the subsequent efforts of the abortion industry are a huge step back.

Instead of being forced to live in slavery, many preborn African-American children are not being given the chance to continue living their life at all.

Whereas the public and observable nature of slavery and blatant racism helped expose it to the public until they could stand it no more, the same is not true for abortion.

Abortion, the act of taking an innocent life, is always done behind closed doors and the details of it are kept secret under the guise of privacy.

All those within the black, as well as all those who care about human rights must come together and take a strong stand against the abominable practice of abortion.


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[2] Ertelt, Steven. (2004). ” Some Young Americans Marched for Abortion, But Majority are Pro-Life.” LifeNews,

[3] Basset, Laura. New Atlanta Billboard Campaign Ties Abortion to Slavery. Huffington Post. (2011).


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One thought on “Are Black Leaders In Line With the Beliefs of Their Members?

  1. Hello. I believe very strongly that every baby should be welcomed into life. Thank you for providing all the information I’ve read on your site about the statistics and methods of abortion. It sickens me that so many innocent lives have been so short due to others’ selfishness.
    I too, could have been part of those statistics. My biological mother got pregnant with me when she was just sixteen and unwed. I’m so grateful that she was unselfish and continued on with her pregnancy. She also gave me up for adoption, another selfless decision.
    May I please mention something that bothers me a little. The What The FOCA? title of your anti-abortion campaign is a bit offensive to me. I believe those who believe in being conservative and moral might agree with me. Although clever it lowers your standards and the important message you are trying to send.
    I’d like to contribute funds to your organization but have a problem with the spirited, almost “now we have a license to use the F bomb” way your supporters shared the title of your campaign. Thank you for listening.

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