Are Pro-Lifers Intolerant?

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What do you think the first image is that comes to mind when people hear the term pro-lifer?

Unfortunately, many people associate being pro-life with hate and intolerance.

Why is this? Is this because these traits are common among those who are pro-life?

The real reason why pro-lifers are often associated with these characteristics is because many in the media make a relentless effort to portray them in this manner.

When it comes to the abortion debate specifically, which side’s view is intolerant – the view that preborn babies should not have their lives ended or the view for no fault of their own?

To the contrary, loving and respecting all life is the highest form of tolerance.

Even when just referring to political discourse on a college campus, which side is it that is generally allowed to express their views freely and which side’s views are consistently suppressed?

Instead of being dismissive and close-minded, many people would be surprised at how those who are pro-life tend to be very willing to others points of view.

However, at the end of the day, the rights of preborn babies to continue living must be preserved. People can be accepting of a great variety of different ideas, but when it come down to a human life being at stake – defense of his or her life is not negotiable.


Image from Live Action

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