Baby at 11 Weeks

Fetus, Fetal, Development, Baby, Pregnancy, Abortion, Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Weeks, 11 Many people are unaware of how fast a baby develops in the womb.

They have been told by so many people that a preborn is a “blob of cells” and doesn’t feel pain yet.

As the baby enters into the 11th week of its development, a lot has already happened. At this stage, the fetus is breathing amniotic fluid and will do so until birth [1].

This means that the living preborn is already breathing similar to an adult human, even at this relatively early stage.

Those who work with women at abortion clinics often try to tell pregnant women that the fetus is nothing more than a “blob of cells.”

When the preborn life is this advanced, how could any reasonable person claim it is a blob of cells?

If women were aware of the development of their child at this stage, it is likely that most of them would never choose an abortion.



[1] Clowes, Brian, PhD. 2001. The Facts of Life. Front Royal: Human Life International.


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