Baby at 12 Weeks

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There are quite a few people in America who believe that life does not begin until birth.

However, a quick look at the facts reveals that this is very far from the truth. The preborn fetus actually grows at an extraordinary rate.

At a mere 12 weeks from conception, a preborn fetus can kick, turn over, make a fist, open its mouth and press his or her lips together [1].

These capabilities allow us to more easily see the humanity of their lives

Contrary to what the abortion industry claims, these preborn lives are not just a blob of cells.

While pro-choice advocates often claim that a woman’s choice should be protected, there are some choices that are wrong.

Choosing to end a life at this stage, or any stage for that matter, should not be legally permissible.



[1] 1.Clowes, Brian, PhD. 2001. The Facts of Life. Front Royal: Human Life International.


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