Baby at 20 Weeks

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Most people would be surprised to learn just how quickly a fetus develops inside his or her mother’s womb. Every day there is a new development in the preborn’s progress.

Although a preborn at 20 weeks is still a long way from his/her first words or steps, they are still experiencing new things about the world.

At a mere 20 weeks from conception, a fetus can be startles by an external noise [1].

They are able to experience the sounds of the outside world.

They are highly developed, so they can be startled by a voice or a loud thud.

They can hear what goes on outside of the womb.

What is even more shocking is that they can react to the noise.

A preborn at this stage can do all of these things, yet he or she is still not able to protect his or her life.



[1] 1.Clowes, Brian, PhD. 2001. The Facts of Life. Front Royal: Human Life International.


Image from BBC News

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