Baby at 23 Weeks: I Have Dreams Too!

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Many people would be quite surprised to see how quickly babies develop in the womb.

While development can never legitimately define rights, noting the progress made by preborn lives can help make the humanity of these lives more apparent.

At a mere 23 weeks from conception, a fetus can already demonstrate REM, or rapid eye movement [1].

This child, even though inside of the mother’s womb, is starting to have a regular dream process.

Most people would agree that dreaming in sleep is a fairly complicated process.

Since babies are already doing this at 23 weeks, it seems very trouble that their lives are still provided with no real legal protection at this point.

If more women were aware of information like this, it would be more easy for them to see how real their child is.

Even though most abortions occur before 23rd week, each of these that occur end the lives of these preborn children – putting an end to their dreams forever.



[1] 1.Clowes, Brian, PhD. 2001. The Facts of Life. Front Royal: Human Life International.


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