Baby at 6 Months: I Have Hair, Momma!

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Oftentimes, many who are pro-choice do not acknowledge that a preborn life is a person (and deserving of rights) until after birth.

They claim that a fetus’ life should not be protected because the preborn is not yet human.

Is this true? Is the fetus really not yet human?

At a mere 6 months from conception, fine hair grows on the fetus’ head and eyebrows, and small eyelashes begin to appear [1].

This means that the child is growing the hair that they will have at birth. As much as it is hard to imagine, these developments make it even more apparent that the preborn is in fact a person.

A preborn baby at this stage is even capable of being delivered and surviving outside hiw or her mother’s womb.

At this point in the pregnancy, the child in the mother’s womb is highly developed. However, the preborn baby may spend as much as three months more in the womb.

Regardless of how much time the fetus may spend in the womb, this life is human and legal protection of the preborn child should not depend on whether he or she is located inside or outside the mother.



[1] 1.Clowes, Brian, PhD. 2001. The Facts of Life. Front Royal: Human Life International.


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