Better Off Alive: Securing the Pursuit of Happiness – Not Happiness Itself

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When a woman first finds herself pregnant, there are a lot of things that go through her head.

This is especially true when the pregnancy is unexpected.

And if this mother finds herself pregnant at a difficult time, she could be confused on what to do. Because of this, she may seek out help and advice from others.

In doing so, she may encounter pro-choice advocates who will say that abortion may be a better option than adoption because there is no guarantee that the child will be happy in the foster care system.

This is one of the most ridiculous pro-choice arguments on record.

There is never a guarantee that a child will grow up to like any particular thing in his or her life.

A child being placed for adoption may not like the foster care system, or may like it even more than it would have liked life with the biological mother. There is simply no way of knowing.

In what universe could it be more compassionate to end the life of the child than to let him or her live in the foster care system?

If a mother genuinely cares about the happiness and well-being of her child, how on earth could this be achieved by seeking an abortion?

If a mother is simply not ready to take care of the developing child within, then she always has the option of placing the child up for adoption.

Choosing adoption over abortion is always the most loving option.


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