Destined to Die: Still Worthy of Birth?

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Pro-abortion advocates have often questioned whether or not some preborn babies would be doomed to such a poor quality of life that it would be best if they were aborted.

They ask, “What about the child with disease who will die a slow death or live his life as a burden to his family?

The answer to that question is “Yes, the child still deserves life.”

There is always a possibility and sometimes even a near certainty that a child can develop a life-threatening disease.

However, no life ends pain free, and just because a baby is born with a lethal disease or may become burdensome to the family does not mean the mother should get an abortion.

It can be therapeutic for the mother to have the child, and having an abortion in this instance is also just as harmful to the health of the woman as it is in any other instance.

Taking a life is always wrong, no matter how much value you may happen to place on that person’s life.

Who do we think we are to decide any other person’s life is not worth living?

There is a distinct difference between letting the death come naturally and killing the child. The key is that the family has to love the child and accept death when it comes.

Imagine the baby in this discussion were you – whatever condition you might be born with, wouldn’t you have wanted a chance to make the most of the life you had?
Would you have deserved anything less?


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