Does Abortion Ensure That Born Children Will Have Better Lives?

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Regardless of whether a person is pro-life or pro-choice, most people would agree that child abuse is a huge problem.

Because of this, some people might argue that abortion is the answer because it can help ensure that every child born should be wanted.

However, this has been proven not to be the case. With the very widespread prevalence of abortion today, it has certainly not eliminated abuse from our society.

In fact, there is even evidence to indicate that post-abortive women are actually more likely to engage in child abuse [1].

One reason for this may be that the practice of abortion works to devalue human life and can cause emotional turmoil for the post-abortive woman.

Child abuse does not respect the dignity of life, and neither does abortion.

While the law does seek to protect children who are born from abuse, current laws provide relatively little protection for the lives of preborn babies.

Wanted by his or her mother or not, a preborn human’s life should be valued and treated with respect.



[1] Coleman, Priscilla K., Rue, Vincent M., Coyle, Catherine T., and Maxey, Charles D. (2007). “Induced Abortion and Child-Directed Aggression Among Mothers of Maltreated Children.” The Internet Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology. 2007 Volume 6 Number 2


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