Does Planned Parenthood Care At All About The Preborn Child?

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Regarding abortion information, the recent shift has been toward supporting women and their health.

However, it is important to remember that in an abortion, two lives are involved.

On the Planned Parenthood web page about abortion methods, the focus is on the woman and her experience of the procedure, and not the baby’s at all.

The website covers information about the procedure itself, its effectiveness, what happens, the safety, and how the woman might feel, physically and emotionally.

The terms “empty the uterus” and “end pregnancy” are used, but not once is the embryo or fetus acknowledged.

It is clear that the most whole information is not being presented. Planned Parenthood argues that the abortion is “safe”, but it is most certainly never true for the child, and rarely true for the woman.

Instead, it is being skewed so that women feel more comfortable with the fact that they are killing their child.


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