Eight Months and Four Pounds

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At 8 months, most babies are in their third trimester and have only one more month until birth! Preborn babies who make it to this stage of development have come a long way from conception, and are already well past the point where they can survive outside of the mother’s womb.

This time is often quite exciting for the mother, as she is almost done with this fairly long process. By this point in time (around 8 months), preborn fetuses tend to weigh more than 4 pounds! [1]

During the last month of pregnancy, babies continue to gain weight at a rapid pace. Although the amount a baby weighs can vary quite a bit, 4 pounds is an agreed upon average. It’s generally not possible for fetuses at this stage to weigh any less because of the advanced level of development of their bodies. At this time, their weight includes all of their organs, which are for the most part completely developed.

By this point in the pregnancy, mothers have developed strong bonds with their children and simply cannot wait to hold them in their arms.



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Image from www.earlymotherhood.com

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