Every Child Will Be Wanted By Someone

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There are some in the pro-choice movement who argue that abortion is sometimes necessary to avoid bringing an unwanted child into the world.

However, those who espouse this view have a very flawed understanding of the term “unwanted.”

“Unwanted” is never a condition of a child, but rather an attitude of certain adults.

The preborn child being brought into this situation did not choose his or her parents or the timing.

The parents may decide that they do not want the child, but that does not mean the child will be unwanted down the road in his or her life.

There is a very big difference between having an unplanned pregnancy and accepting the responsibility to help the preborn child continue to live, and having a child’s life ended altogether.

Also, the couple involved should be asked, “If you do not want a child, then why are you engaging in the sexual behavior that’s natural purpose is to create a child?”

The innocent child that is brought into the situation should never be made to suffer and lose his or her life as if he or she is a mere byproduct of sexual pleasure.

Far too many in our society have come to accept that if a child is unwanted or unplanned, his or her life can simply be ended to try to make the situation more convenient for one or both of the parents.

These children should not be punished for being born into certain circumstances beyond their control.

All lives have value and should be respected. All of them deserve the opportunity to continue living their life.


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