Forcing Doctors to Take Innocent Lives

As of 2011, it is estimated that there have been over 53 million abortions in America alone.

In light of this, you might expect that there are plenty of doctors that perform abortions.

However, this is not the truth.

In fact, it has been said that the overwhelming majority of abortions are performed by a small group of doctors – some 2% of OB-GYN’s carry the burden, performing more than 25 per month [1].

Why is the percentage so small?

One reason is because many doctors recognize that abortion takes a human life (in fact, many abortionists even admit as much), and are unwilling to perform them.

This is a big reason why the Obama Administration has been pushing to take away conscience clause rights that allow medical professionals to refuse to perform abortion procedures.

The small number of doctors willing to perform abortions also means that those who do focus much more on efficiency (rushing women in, taking their money, and rushing them out) than providing them with any meaningful consultation and care.

Given that there is a consensus within the medical community that abortion takes an innocent human life, the focus should be on ending the practice altogether, not forcing people to take lives against their will.



[1] Hitt, Jack. (1998). “Who Will Do Abortions Here?,” New York Times Magazine, January 18, 1998, 23.


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