How Do We Reduce the Tendency for Women to Feel They Need an Abortion?

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While establishing legal protection for the lives of preborn human is very important, those who are pro-life also realize that this cannot be the only part of the pro-life strategy.

In order to truly build a culture of life, another part of the strategy must be to focus on providing resources and support to pregnant women.

It is not enough to outlaw abortion, but we must promote the value and respect of human life to such a degree that women never feel the need for abortion and it becomes unthinkable.

However, this task is much easier said than done. The question is not what do we need to do, but how do we need to do it.

One way is by focusing more and more attention on spreading the word about the services offered at any of the many crisis pregnancy centers out there.

Making a strong effort to elect pro-life leaders is a very important task that must be continued, but it must always be made clear that there is a genuine concern for all lives – those of the preborn children as well as their mothers.


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