Is Abortion Natural?

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There are some in the pro-choice movement who argue that it is the uterus’ natural state to be without an embryo or fetus, so getting it removed is normal and healthy for the woman.

First, it should be noted that pregnancy is very much a natural process. It is only because of the process of pregnancy that the human race is able to maintain itself.

Second, to imply that abortion is natural is incredibly inaccurate. In fact, it is thought that one of the major reasons why abortion leads to a higher risk for breast cancer is because abortion causes an sudden, unnatural disruption in the hormone levels of the pregnant mother [1].

So, it should be recognized that a woman’s body is in a natural state before, during, and after pregnancy. It is only after abortion that it is thrown into an unnatural state, which can cause very significant problems.

That being said, during a pregnancy, a woman may have to adjust or change some of her daily habits to maintain optimal health and ensure a safe pregnancy.

Women are given the unique opportunity to carry life with them for nine months. They are able to nurture their children both before and after birth. This is a responsibility as well as a great joy.

What must be remembered in the abortion debate is that the lives of both the woman and the baby should be valued.

When two lives are involved, both must be taken care of and esteemed.



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