Is It Legal To Display Graphic Images In Public?

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Fortunately, there are many Pro-Lifers today who are willing to courageously take a stand against abortion and work tirelessly to expose the abortion industry for what it truly is.

However, it is important to note that those in the pro-life movement are not in complete agreement as to how best to expose abortion.

For example, there are many individuals who believe in showing pictures of aborted fetuses in public, to allow people to see what the result of an abortion is.

There are also other pro-life advocates who disagree with this because they believe that the intensity of the truth is often too much for people to handle and it can turn many people away from getting involved in the abortion debate altogether.

Whatever your personal view on using these graphic images may be, an important to question is, “Is It Legal to Display Graphic Images in Public?”

The answer to this is found in the first amendment of the U.S constitution. The provision of free speech helps ensure that every pro-life advocate have the right to display graphic images in public, if he or she so desires.

In fact, those who are pro-life should be aware that there are many freedoms ensured to them by the first amendment, and the include:

• the freedom of speech
• the freedom of press
• the freedom of religion
• the freedom of petition
• the freedom of assembly

While there are many pro-choice advocates who would like to silence you and all others who hold the pro-life view, never forget that you have constitutionally-protected rights and should always feel free to use them. The lives of preborn babies depend on it.


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One thought on “Is It Legal To Display Graphic Images In Public?

  1. i understand that you have a constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest the abortion, and I respect it. but I must plead with this organization to not show large graphic pictures of bloody fetuses, malnourished and deformed babies, or those pictures that depower people’s aspect of free will or choice. if you want to protest abortion, that’s totally fine, but don’t show those pictures out in public where children who don’t even know what a fetus is can see them. I saw some of those pictures here at the college that I attend, and as I was leaving I turned and saw a little boy who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old. as I was leaving I heard him turn to his mother and ask “mommy, what’s an abortion?” this appalled both me, and many people in the crowd to the point of calling out the people who were in charge, and leaving immediately, even before anything was said about your cause. if you want to show us these pictures, keep them in a pamphlet that you can give out to those who want it, don’t have them on display where minors can see them.

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