Is Planned Parenthood Winning or Losing?

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Planned Parenthood is the single largest organized provider of abortions throughout the United States.

In light of this, it may be important to examine whether their business appears to be increasing or decreasing.

While abortion numbers overall are declining [1], Planned Parenthood’s own reports (compiled by a pro-life group) indicate that the number of abortion it performs are actually increasing from year to year [2].

It is also very important to note that the increase in the number of abortions is proportional to increases in its funding – which not amounts to nearly a million dollars a day [3].

Here is a closer look at the numbers

In 1969, Planned Parenthood performed no abortions.

In 1975, it did 40,000 in that year alone.

By 1990, Planned Parenthood committed nearly 130,000 abortions

In 2009, Planned Parenthood was responsible for the deaths of 332,278 preborn children.

However, while it appears that Planned Parenthood is gaining ground in terms of the number of abortions it has done, it is actually losing ground in something—credibility.

Over the past years, Planned Parenthood has increasingly been exposed for what it is.

Although it says that it supports women, in numerous cases it has been found to have covered up abuse and lied about healthcare services available to women.

For this reason, several states have begun to realize the true nature of Planned Parenthood and have reduced its funding [4].



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