He or She is a Child, Not a Choice

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Advocates of abortion sometimes argue that a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body should take precedence over the new life that is developing within her womb.

Pro-life advocates certainly do not disagree that women have every right to choose what they will do with their bodies.

However, it is always the proper role of society to intervene when these “choices” will harm the lives of others.

In fact, it is also accepted that society should intervene when a person is intentionally inflicting self-harm.

Abortion is actually a procedure that results in harm to both the mother and preborn baby.

Life is not negotiable.

While many women find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, more often than not these women are the ones responsible for putting themselves in that situation in the first place.

And the responsible decision is to choose life for their child.

Regardless of whether the young life is inside or outside the womb, he or she is a living member of the human species, deserving of the most basic protection – defense of his or her life.



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