“Little Emperor Syndrome” And Abortion

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Abortion has profoundly impacted entire generations of young people, especially in countries in Asia.

In China, for example, there is a one-child policy. This has forced many children to grow up alone, without any siblings.

Oftentimes, this results in the parents and grandparents pouring their attention and money into this only child.

This can cause the child to have difficulty in interacting with others.

These children have not had to deal with hardship, nor do they appreciate their circumstances of affluence.

They have inflated egos and have to deal with parents’ high expectations, especially in regards to their education.

These “little emperors” are also forced to learn manners and morals in order to be more prepared to take on the business world [1].

The family dynamic of the country has been profoundly skewed by abortion and birth control.

Not only are these little boys’ lives affected in these ways, but they also struggle to find wives. There’s a reason we’re talking about boys here. That’s because sex-selective abortion, gendercide or female infanticide is also very common in China.

Eventually, families with only one or few children may become problematic because of the limited number of children to take care of elderly parents and grandparents.

This is just one more way in which abortion can harm society.



[1] Mullen, Mark. China’s ‘Little Emperor’s’ Learn Morals, Manners. (2008).


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