Mind-Boggling Illogic of the Pro-Choice Movement

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Many people who are pro-choice say that they would never personally have an abortion or want a close friend or family member to have one, but they do not want to limit other women from having them if they found themselves in a difficult situation.

Why such a double standard?

Many people realize the horrors of abortion.

It hurts the child, the women, and potentially those around her, and society in general.

However, people who hold this timid view are not willing to take a stand.

Let’s ask another question:

Is there ever a situation in which child abuse is okay?

If you see someone slapping a crying two-year-old across the face in public, would you stop to say something?

Odds are that most of you reading this would. There are no circumstances when child abuse is acceptable.

Protecting life is not relative either. Looking out for the well being of fellow human beings should be universal, applying to all circumstances, and not be deemed applicable in only certain situations.


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