Money is Power: Don’t Give the Abortion Industry More Power

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Do you support abortions?

Maybe you do and do not realize it.

How is this possible?

While a clear majority of Americans share the pro-life view that abortion is morally wrong and would certainly not contribute to the abortion industry knowingly, a portion of the money people spend at certain stores may very well be going to fund abortion.

For a listing of companies who have been found to have contributed to abortion, click here.

Now that you are aware of this problem, use your money as persuasion and boycott companies that fund abortions.

Money is the most effective tool that can be used as a means to change companies’ minds about which organizations they support.

You have power to help persuade these companies to stop promoting abortion by boycotting those groups that support the abortion industry.

It is one thing to petition or write letters to a certain company asking them to change their position. It is quite another to challenge their business practices by withholding money.

There are even some groups the support abortions that you might not even suspect.

For example, some teachers unions donate to organizations such as Planned Parenthood. This is quite odd; wouldn’t you assume that they would want more children to teach, and not fewer?

Be aware of who you are supporting!

There are countless other unions, organizations and companies that fund abortions. If we give our money to them and consume their products, we are helping to perpetuate the abortion problem.


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