Planned Parenthood – Targeting Its Abortion Services To Minorities

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Although Planned Parenthood denies targeting its abortion services to particular races, the facts tell a different story.

In fact, a key way that Planned Parenthood targets minorities is by having clinics in neighborhoods with a high percentage of minorities [1]. This makes it much more likely that these minorities will use their services.

One of the most revealing statistics is the percentage of abortions performed on minorities relative to the percentage of minorities in the general population.

In regards to population as a whole, 16.3% of Americans are Latino and 13% are African American/ Black [2]. When you add these two together they are about 29.3% of the total population [3].

A study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute revealed that nearly 30% of abortions performed in the U.S are on African Americans and 25% are performed on Hispanic Americans [4].

In other words, this 29.3% of the population accounts for nearly 55% of all abortions [5].

African Americans and Latinos are already minorities in the U.S., and if the efforts of Planned Parenthood are allowed to continue, their numbers may very well fall even below what they are now.



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