Planned Parenthood: We Promote Healthy, Happy Families

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One of the ways that Planned Parenthood tries to market its services is by implying that its services will result in people being “healthy, happy, and hot” [1].

Its website shows images of large families smiling, implying that thanks to family planning (a nicer sounding term than abortion), the parents were able to raise families on their own schedule.

This families are allegedly happier than they would have been had their children arrived at less desirable times.

However, the facts do not seem to support this vague claim.

First, it should be noted that abortion presents numerous physical and psychological risks to the women who receive abortions.

The emotional turmoil that post-abortive women face can be lifelong.

Second, it is puzzling to think that it is healthy for a mother to decide which of her children she wants to live and which children she wants to die.

The devaluing of human life has implications that reach far beyond the act of abortion itself.

Finally, it seems odd to think that a family would be happier aborting one of its children than raising it, regardless of the time when the child arrives.

For those concerned with happiness, most would agree that meeting the most basic needs of children is not that difficult in America.

Even in times of economic depression, Americans generally do not experience anything similar to absolute poverty.

Additionally, numerous studies have found that being wealthy is not associated with being any happier.

Also, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who would not rather be faced with challenges in their life than have had their life ended so shortly after it began.



[1] International Planned Parenthood Federation. (2010). “Healthy, Happy, and Hot.” IPPF, 2010. Web. 5 Aug 2011.


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