Pregnancy And The Responsibility of Men

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When a pregnant woman finds herself uncertain about how to proceed with her pregnancy, she oftentimes needs help in deciding what to do.

This mother could feel all alone in making the decision without the father’s help.

This is an issue that the pro-life movement is seeking out to solve.

In fact, one unknown pro-life advocate has said,

“The pro-life movement calls on men to take responsibility for the children they helped conceive.”

Pro-lifers do not focus only on the mother. One reason for this is because she is not the only one responsible for a pregnancy.

The father plays an equally important role in a pregnancy, and far too many times, he does not stick around to help.

Unlike the pro-choice side, which believes that men should support women going through with abortions, the pro-life side believes that real men should stand up and support the decision to allow the baby to continue his or her life.

Providing care for the preborn child is not only the responsibility of the pregnant mother, men also have an obligation to provide for the life they took part in creating.

Men owe far better to women than to try to abandon them in their time of need.


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