Pro-Choice Advocates: Pro-Lifers Love Fetuses, But Hate Children

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Those who are pro-choice sometimes try to imply that the pro-life movement is more concerned with preborn life than with children who have been born.

In other words, they claim that the pro-life movement should be doing much more to help families who are struggling to raise their children.

The usage of the word hate, or anything similar to it, is very odd here.

No one is arguing that it isn’t important to provide children with their most basic necessities, but meeting such needs is generally not a problem seen in America.

Many pro-life individuals are generous and charitable to a variety of causes, not just the pro-life movement.

Also, unlike those who live in many developing countries, hardly any American will ever experience anything remotely similar to absolute poverty.

It does not take very long to realize which problem is worse in America – children in an impoverished environment or children being deprived of continuing their lives in any environment at all.

In fact, what anyone who spends time volunteering with the pro-life movement would soon realize, respecting life means placing value on all people – not just any particular type of people.

All people deserve to have their right to continue living respected.


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