Pro-Choice Argument: Who Are You To Impose Your Morals On Me

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There are some in the pro-choice movement who say that abortion is an issue that deals with morality and no one should impose his or her morality on another person.

However, those who argue this should consider the fact that abortion ends a human life.

When the lives of others become involved, society must always reserve the right to prevent harm.

The same is true for any form of violence, whether it be committed against an adult or a preborn child.

Many also say that there will always be a demand for abortion, because a percentage of women will still seek it regardless of its legal status.

Once again, the same is true for any type of violence. For example, there will always be adults who kill other adults, but that doesn’t mean that we should make it legal.

A person’s morals are not made up due to laws. Rather, people simply have to develop their own code of morality within the confines of the law.

Those who live in America experience a great deal more freedom than is found in most other places in the world and it is not too much for the government to disallow people from taking others’ lives.


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