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One of the most important things we hold most important in life is our health.

Many people would rather have good health than any amount of wealth.

Because of this, it should not be surprising that those who are pro-choice often try to claim that promoting women’s health is the goal of their efforts.

The only problem is that the truth sometimes gets in the way of their otherwise excellent strategy to market abortions.

Instead of being some type of wonder procedure that promotes well-being, there is actually a wide body of evidence to indicate that abortion often destroys women’s health.

The negative impact of abortion may felt both physically and psychologically.

Abortion has been found to greatly increase a woman’s risks for breast cancer, depression, and anxiety disorders, among others [1], [2].

In fact, women who live in countries without legalized abortion actually live longer than women in countries where abortion is available on demand.

The phrase “healthy families” also sounds rather strange to be used in describing their efforts.

Most people would not agree that a mother who decides which of her children will live and which will die is not leading a very healthy family.

The best families are ones that value all life, regardless of however inconvenient anyone may perceive that life to be.

Those who truly care about women’s health must stand strong to end abortion.



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