Test Your Knowledge! – Take the Quiz

abortion quizDo you think you know a thing or two about abortion?

Think you’re pretty smart, eh?

Then you should try the abortion quiz.

It’s a basic quiz with just 5 questions about abortion in the United States. ┬áSee how you measure up!

Click here to take the quiz!

Thanks! WhyProLife.com

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6 responses to “Test Your Knowledge! – Take the Quiz

  1. We are so impressed with your site, we have added your feed to our Pro-Life aggregator, Americaisprolife.blogspot.com. Keep up the good work!

  2. can you please give me information to reference this page in a paper!! Thank you

    • What type of information do you need?

      • Another good site is numberofabortions.com They give a lot of facts about pre-born babies, as well as have a host of abortion counter, showing U.S., worldwide, Planned Parenthood, etc. Very useful and good for those contemplating abortion.

  3. I really like your website it has given me some good information i have posted it on my page :) i hope that is okay i also posted that i got it from here

  4. This is great! Perfect for abortion debates. Thank you! Keep up the good work!! :) God Bless!

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