Pro-Lifers Do Not Only Care About the Lives of the Unborn: The Story of Rachel’s Vineyard

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While there are many on the pro-choice who try to claim that those who are pro-life only care about babies until they are born, there is actually a great deal of evidence to refute this.

For example, one of the most well-known organizations to offer help and support to post-abortive women, Rachel’s Vineyard, was founded and is operated by individuals who are pro-life [1].

However, those operating the program have said that there is no place for the politics of abortion during the healing process.

Many would be surprised to learn that Rachel’s Vineyard actually makes its services available in a fairly large number of locations in the U.S., Canada, and many other places throughout the world.

A major purpose of the program is to allow women to examine their abortion experience and help them resolve their emotional suffering.

The program is not exclusive to only post-abortive women; it is there for anyone who has gone through suffering as a result of an abortion experience.

Rachel’s Vineyard is a non-profit organization. Its funding comes in the form of ”private grants, individual donations, and the assistance of Priests for Life” [2].

This organization is just one of many examples of how those in the pro-life movement have reached out to many different types of individuals, not just pregnant mothers.



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