In addition to the selected resources on various topics listed below, see the citations throughout this website for additional resources.

How to Share the Pro-Life Message & Answering Common Pro-Choice Arguments

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Life in the Womb & Abortion Facts

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Pro-Life Legal Issues

Americans United for Life. 312-568-4700.

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Planned Parenthood

Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) International. 540-659-4171.

Life Decisions International.

Getting Help with an Untimely Pregnancy

National Life Center Help Line. 800-848-LOVE.

Option Line. 800-395-HELP.

Getting Help with Post-Abortion Healing

Project Rachel. 800-593-2273.

Pro-Life Books, Bumper Stickers and other Materials

Life Cycle Books. 800-214-5849.

Heritage House. 800-858-3040.

Pro-Life World. 937-339-5648.

Additional Pro-Life Resources Online

Abort73 .com. http://abort73 .com.

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Generations for Life.


Priests for Life.

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