Second Chances: What Do You Do If An Abortion Fails The First Time?

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Unfortunately, there are currently many pregnant mothers who turn to abortion to escape motherhood.

Many of these women do so because they believe allowing their preborn child to continue living will bring them hardship and destroy their life

However, what happens when an abortion is not successful the first time around?

While there has not been much research on these types of cases, unsuccessful abortions do happen.

Some estimate that there are about 700 pregnancies in the U.S. each year that survived an abortion attempt [1].

What research does exist seems to show that not only is abortion highly dangerous to the health of the mother, but a second attempt at abortion is even more dangerous.

Those who find themselves in these situations should give serious consideration to the dangers of having a second abortion attempt in addition to the many risks of abortion in general.

Although unplanned pregnancies can cause a certain amount of anxiety at first, there are actually a great many services that are available to women who choose life.

Hopefully, women who experience unsuccessful abortions will realize they have been given a second chance to do the right thing and allow their preborn child to continue his or her life.



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