Should Non-White Women Worry That Their Child Will Not Be Adopted?

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Fortunately for preborn children, there are many pregnant mothers who make arrangements to place their children for adoption instead of undergoing an abortion.

However, many of these women might wonder if their children will be adopted or have to spend much of their youth in a foster home.

Those who are pro-choice sometimes claim that non-white children are less likely to be adopted.

First, it should be noted that whether or not a child is adopted by a biological family should be of relatively small concern.

The most important thing is that the mother chose to allow her child to continue his or her life and live to see adulthood.

However, for those who may wonder whether or not non-white children have any chance of being adopted, there are a couple statistics that should be mentioned.

Perhaps one of the most important of these is that 45% of all adopted children in the U.S are black [1]. This is, in fact, the largest group to be adopted.

Those who become pregnant and decide to place their preborn children for adoption should feel very content with their decision.

Not only is it the loving option, but it is almost certain that the child will be loved by others in whatever environment he or she might be in.


[1] Koch, Wendy. (2009). “New campaign aims to promote black child adoption.” USA Today. 4 Aug 2009, n.d. Web. 16 Jul 2011.


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