Tax Benefits for Adoption: Helping Promoting Families

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A key value that Americans have agreed on is that promoting the development of families is desirable.

Strong, healthy families can be very helpful in promoting community activism as well as individual growth.

Because of this, there are tax benefits available to those have children, as well as tax credits specifically to those who adopt children [1].

While there are some who say that the adoption process can be time-consuming and difficult, the availability of the adoption tax credit provides a real incentive for adoption.

In terms of qualified expenses, these can generally include [2]:

– adoption fees

– attorney fees

– court costs

– travel expenses while away from home (including food)

– readoption expenses relating to the adoption of a foreign child

These generally do not include situations that involve [3]:

– carrying out a surrogate parenting arrangement

– the adoption of one’s spouse’s child,

– payment or reimbursement by one’s employer or any other person or organization

– expenses that are allowed as a credit or deduction under any other provision of federal income tax law

While there is still much work to be done in establishing rights for the lives of preborn humans, the availability of the adoption tax credit is a great way to promote adoption and encourage women who feel unready to be mothers to have a real alternative to abortion.



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