The Abortion Debate: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

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Many of those who are relatively unfamiliar with the pro-life movement do not have a very accurate impression of it.

For example, many believe that pro-lifers are generally okay with violence, even though most pro-lifers are committed to being peaceful.

What is the reason for this misperception?

One reason has to do with the significant discrepancy between how the pro-life movement is portrayed as being violent when the data suggests the pro-life movement is actually one of the most peaceful movements of today.

An example of media bias can be seen in comparing the coverage of the deaths of Dr. George Tiller and Jim Pouillon. While Tiller was a pro-choice abortionist who was killed by a pro-life advocate, Pouillon was a pro-lifer killed by a pro-choice advocate [1].

Although there was heavy media coverage on the shooting of Dr. Tiller, it is doubtful than any but an extremely small percentage of people have ever heard of Jim Pouillon.

As much as the mainstream media tries to portray the pro-life movement in this false light, the truth is out there to those who seek it.

A brief examination of the data reveals that there are actually far more documented cases of pro-choice violence than even alleged cases of pro-life violence [2].

This is just one indicator of many that the pro-life movement is, above all, one of peace.



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