The Abortion Industry and Race: Pay No Attention To What Happens Behind the Curtain

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One of the worst accusations that can be made against an individual is the claim that he or she is racist. Former President George W. Bush even went as far as to say that the time he was labeled a racist by Kanye West was the lowest point of his presidency [1].

Because of this, it may seem odd to learn that abortion, one of the most racist practices in human history, has largely remained free of such criticism.

Studies show that approximately 40% of black pregnancies end in abortion [2]. Since 1973, approximately 16 million black babies have had their lives ended by abortion [3]. Although blacks account for less than 13% of the population, black women receive more than one third of all abortions [4].

The number of black babies killed by abortion is twice as great as the number of black deaths from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, heart disease, and cancer combined [5]. It has been estimated that without abortion, the African American population would number over 50 million [6].

Why is this happening? How can this be?

To answer this question, it is important to look at who is committing these abortions in the black community. As of today, the nation’s largest abortion provider is Planned Parenthood. This is an organization that was founded by Margaret Sanger, a woman once said, “”We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population [7].”

Some have tried to brush aside this last point. Those who defend Planned Parenthood claim that the beliefs of its founder and its original mission have no influence on the organization today.

However many times this may be repeated, the facts speak for themselves. Planned Parenthood continues to target the black community to this day. Almost 80% of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods [8].

As much as the abortion industry touts itself as being an invaluable resource for minority women, the facts speak for themselves. You cannot help a population by destroying its children and its future.



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3 thoughts on “The Abortion Industry and Race: Pay No Attention To What Happens Behind the Curtain

  1. Your statistic of 40%, regarding the percentages of black pregnancies ending in abortion, is incorrect. It would be helpful to conduct thorough research before spreading negative information about a whole group of people who have especially had a history in this country of being the victims of racist practices. Regarding your conviction, also take note that not all black pregnancies are reported to the studies/focus groups which data, in order to be correct, must not only assume that they know the specific amount of black pregnant women living in this country at this time, but that the women who come in for abortion are representative of all black pregnant women. More specifically, are these women living at or below poverty level and/or living in one city? If the answer is yes, and the data is taken from such a small pool, then the data would be skewed. And considering the fact that most blacks are reluctant to report to any study/focus group regarding their private lives, as most of us in the U.S would be, it is not likely that the data would be even 50% reliable to say the least. Simply follow-up on your research please.

    1. ^for some people, the truth can go down like a jagged little pill. These are widely known facts. Heard of Margaret Sanger, Sarah ?

  2. Gee Sarah, your stating that the authors are incorrect without providing references to the numbers of abortions in the black population tends to make a reader doubt that you are correct. And when you go on in your message to appeal to emotions of the reader you further discredit your assertions. The article cites three references. You cite zero. Your credibility in this reader’s eyes is also zero.

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