The Greatest Treasure of All

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What if you found a map that lead to immeasurable treasure? Would you follow along its course? Or discard it, without a second thought?

As early as the 9th week after conception, fetuses are able to suck their thumbs [1] and bend their fingers around objects [2]. This is a very significant development because the hands are one of the body parts most often used by a human.

Indeed, many anthropologists have concluded that the usage of the hands is one of the most major differences between humans and animals. It is because of this ability that early humans were able to write, share knowledge with others, and preserve discoveries so future generations could build upon this knowledge.

So, what will the fetus eventually use his or her hand for?

There are a great many different tasks for which the hands may be used. However, it is likely that many of the tasks will involve showing trust and love of the mother.

In their early years, babies will use their hands to hold onto either their mother or father. When separated from their parents, babies often use their hands to crawl back towards them.

Even as they grow older, this same trend will continue. Children will use their hands to create cards for birthdays, Father’s/Mother’s Day, and other holidays. Whatever they continue to do with their hands, it is likely that much will be done to reciprocate the love and affection that has been shown towards them.

However, it also becomes apparent in this discussion that hands are not even the most important part. Aside from what any given person may be able to use his or hands for, the real value of individuals comes from the simple fact that they are alive. The extent of what an individual can achieve in his or her life is secondary.

There are many who spend their youth, and indeed their life, in pursuit of material goods. Yet, so many of those who do this are left feeling a sense of emptiness inside.

Why is this? What can be done to help these people?

The simple truth is that the greatest treasure of all is available to everyone, the rich and poor alike. You do not even need a map to find it. This treasure is the love and support that we find from others.

Time and time again, those near the end of their lives report that it is in fact their relationships with others that matter most. One of the most serious challenges of today is finding a way to help people realize the truth in this age old wisdom.

This task is complicated in no small part by the pro-choice movement. The core of their philosophy is an attempt to devalue human life. In their view, it is not only acceptable, but desirable to make decisions about whether or not a given preborn baby’s life will be worthwhile.

In order to improve the quality of our existence, we must promote a culture of life. It is only through love, value, and respect for others that we may ever find lasting fulfillment.



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