The Impact of Abortion on Women

Immediate Complications of Abortion

Are there any immediate complications associated with abortion? (#72)


Long-Term Physical Effects of Abortion

Women with one past abortion were 45% more likely to give birth before 32 weeks, 71% more likely to do so at less than 28 weeks, and more than 50% more likely at less than 26 weeks. (#61)

According to a 2003 study, the overall death rate of women rises 3.5 times after an abortion. (#73)

Countries With Abortion-On-Demand Have Lower Life Expectancies (#62)

A Vital Link: Breast Cancer and Abortion (#76)

Multiple Abortions and Breast Cancer Link (#78)

A girl who has an abortion before the age of 18 increases her risk of developing breast cancer by 150% (#79)

Epidemic in Our Midst: The Abortion-Breast Cancer Connection (#86)

The National Cancer Institute: Spending Awhile in Denial (#71)

Psychological/Emotional Impact of Abortion

Does Abortion Have Any Negative Effects on Women? (#60)

The Hidden Dangers of Abortion (#64)

The Real Impact of Abortion: Post-Abortion Trauma (#70)

Abortion: Taking Two Lives at a Time (#74)

A Constant Reminder: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (#84)

Abortion: A Key to Freedom or a Chain of Imprisonment (#80)


Other Articles on the Impact of Abortion

Warnings for Smoking, But Not Abortion? (#153)

Abortion: Unsafe for Any Need? (#21)

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Escaping the Side Effects of Abortion: Kind of Like Running from a Twister (#133)

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Pro-Life Advocates: The True Proponents of Women’s Health (#58)

Second Chances: What Do You Do If An Abortion Fails The First Time? (#241)

Delivering a Child has a Protective Effect on Women (#256)

Testimonies from Post-Abortive Women

Abortion: Never the Right Option, Words From Women Who Know (#63)

Other Pro-Life Testimony

The Conversion of Jane Roe (#249)

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