The Importance of A Helping Hand

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According to a November 1994 article in Reader’s Digest, 91% of post-abortive women reported that they would have gone through with their pregnancy had they received enough support [1].

The type of things they needed most help with included “medical bills, (the) ability to continue in her career or education and, most importantly, understanding from family, friends, and the father of the child” [2].

This survey reveals why there is such a need for crisis pregnancy centers, such as Birthright or Woman’s Choice Services. These centers operate with the mission to provide concrete assistance to pregnant women in need. They open doors that many women believe would be shut.

Deborah Wood, CEO of Asheville Pregnancy Support Services in North Carolina, has said, “What they’re trying to do is prevent a frightened pregnant woman from making a rash decision that she may come to regret” [3].

With as many as 4,000 crisis pregnancy centers across the United States, pregnant women are now able receive any help and support they need to go through with their pregnancies [4].

The resources offered by these centers are perhaps one reason why, in recent years, there has been as much as a 50% decrease in the number of abortions in some states [5].

As Woods explains, “You don’t need to lie or bully, just listen and love… we want someone who’s going in there with a heart and compassion who’ll talk reasonably and present the options” [6].



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