Throwing Out the Baby, the Bathwater, and the Bathtub

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One of the arguments made in favor of abortion is that some pregnant women simply do not have the resources to raise a child in a great environment. Because of this, they think that it would be better to end the life of their child than to raise them in a less than ideal environment. The implication is that access to abortion can help ensure the quality of life of children in general.

In light of this, it may surprise you to learn that women who have abortions are actually more likely to engage in child abuse [1].

Why is this? How could this be?

Some scholars have concluded that this may be because of the negative effects that abortion has on a woman’s self-esteem and ability to deal with stress, both of which are major factors in cases of child abuse [2].

What this tells us is that abortion is definitely not the answer to improving the quality of life. Aside from all of the medical risks associated with abortion, the mother actually becomes more likely to abuse the other children she has.

Abortion is the ultimate form of child abuse. Not only does it always result in the death of an innocent life, but it also leads to more hardship for the other members of the family.

In order to change this, we must work towards a greater respect for human life.



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