11 Great Pro-Life Videos

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We have watched tons of pro-life videos and here is a short list of some of the best out there. If you have suggestions, please leave the link to your favorite pro-life video in the comment section below!

Pro-Life Apologetics

Pro-Life Inspiration

40 Days for Life: YOU can help save lives from David on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “11 Great Pro-Life Videos

  1. During the 2012 Presidential Election, Florida will be considering a State Constitutional Amendment for Personhood. This law is vital, not only for babies in the womb, but for all persons from conception to natural death. Florida is aware of Terri Schavio, who was starved to death after a judge proclaimed that she no longer had worth as a person. In China, they have the single child policy which forces a woman to have an abortion if she gets pregnant after her first child. Currently in India, they are considering a two child policy in which the woman would be forced to have an abortion after her second child. Forced death of the baby in the womb is a fact, along with death of disabled and elderly if a judges declares it to take place. All of this is because of removal of personhood from living human beings. Please do whatever you can do to pass the Personhood Amendments in the various states, before the government in the United States starts forcing innocent persons to be put to death.

  2. Can I please recite the little girls speech in my class? We have to pick a social issue we believe that is unjustified. I believe aboration is wrong, I also believe that life is gift and we should cherish the times we have. I’ve made the powerpoint and a brochure. Now all I have left is the speech. I was wondering can I use the speech to defend my case?

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