Types of Abortions: Surgical vs. Medical

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There are many different types of abortions, and to some, one might be worse than another.

The most general distinction between the different types of abortion is whether the abortion is done surgically or only by pill.

It is often embedded in people’s beliefs that undergoing a surgical abortion is wrong, but a medical abortion is different, somehow less wrong.

A surgical abortion is the direct removal of the fetus from the mother by an abortionist, while a medical abortion is acquired through medicine that causes the mother’s body to abort the fetus [1].

Both of these yield the same result, a dead child.

Both forms present very real dangers to the pregnant mother.

So, how can a person say one is worse than another?

The fetus is a living member of the human race.

Because all abortions end these lives, it is absurd to say one type of abortion is somehow less wrong.


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