Unplanned Pregnancies: Where to Turn for Help

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When a woman finds herself pregnant, there are many thoughts that go through her head.

These include:

Is this the right time?

Do I want to raise a child?

Do I have the means to provide prenatal care?

The answers to these questions help determine how the mother will proceed with her pregnancy. In general, the mother currently has three options:

1. Raise the Child

2. Adoption

3. Abortion

Unfortunately, there are some cases in which a new mother feels like she is alone and no one can help her. However, women in these situations would be happily surprised to learn that there are actually many different organizations that can provide support.

For example, if a woman needs to find help in her area, she can go to a website that will help her find a local pregnancy center. This website is:

www.pregnancycenters.org (which now redirects to optionline.org)

The pregnancy centers she finds will likely be able to provide the woman with a wide range of support, ensuring she has access to prenatal care, supplies, and everything she will need to raise a baby after birth.



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