Weight of Fetus at 7 Months: I’m a Big Kid Now!

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A baby goes through many changes during its time in the womb. These changes help the preborn baby eventually become independently functional.

It may surprise you to learn that by as early as 7 months, a fetus’ hands can support his or her entire weight [1]. This is just one more indication that the baby will soon be able to start life outside the womb.

If babies can do this two months before they are even due to be born, how much are they capable of after birth?

Quite a bit, actually!

Those who are able to see that a fetus is a life are able to see the beauty of this finding.

However, oftentimes people can get distracted by thinking there is only one life involved in an abortion. The preborn babies may not yet have voices, but their lives should not be ignored.

If everyone would take the time to learn about the development of babies, then there would not be such disagreement on the issue of abortion. Those who have previously considered themselves pro-choice would begin to realize something – that a developing fetus is so much more than just a “blob of cells.”



[1] Pro-Life Action League. (2010). Sharing the Pro-Life Message. Print.


Image from www.earlymotherhood.com

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