What’s the Difference Between Abortion and Infanticide?

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As barbaric as the practice of abortion may be, it is true that the act of parents killing children (born or preborn) is by no means unheard of throughout history, or in other parts of the world.

Infanticide has actually been going on for thousands of years, reaching to all corners of the earth, from Arabia to Japan and China.

Sometimes children have been offered as a sacrifice, but many have been killed simply because of their gender or because they were a financial burden.

As of the mid-twentieth century, about one in twenty-one murders were children by their parents [1].

In modern times, most infanticide happens at the hands of the mother, this is especially true when the women are very young, poor or uneducated [2].

As of today, while infanticide is still pervasive, abortion has become an alternative.

In some countries such as Russia, the number of abortions is double the number of live births [3].

Clearly, abortion is the infanticide of the present. There really is not much difference between the two.

Parents have the opportunity to legally kill their children if they deem the pregnancy inconvenient or unwanted.



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One thought on “What’s the Difference Between Abortion and Infanticide?

  1. abortion has no reason to exist.Infectious diseases like gonorrhea,syphilis.
    chlamydia,hiv,lymphogranuloma,hepatis C need use of condom.I worked
    in a hospital “friend of babies” obligatory breast feeding but 8 abortions on
    tuesday.Abortions are free and no medical reason needed if too far along
    referred to clinics that will terminate full term babies.First the conceptus
    is injected in the heart with potassium by ultrasound,the cervix is treated
    with prostaglandine and algae sticks to dilate it,3 days later the amniotic
    fluid is drained to prevent embolies,the feet are pulled out with ultrasound
    and claspers,the head never fits,it is perforated with a hook,brain suctioned
    then a Tarnier forceps (a nut cracker)is applied,the placenta is removed
    with pitocin drip,Rogam is giving if needed.Couples are being sold babies
    in China Vietnam and Haiti (girls),they pay a fortune for documents that
    mean anything.I worked in neonatology at Montreal children’s and I was
    locked in a seminary until I was 21,I still can’t get the priest teaching out of
    my mind.We should have more sex education,get rid of find em fuck em
    and forget them and tell them put a rubber on your pecker.I saw 2 young
    mothers die in 1974,they both had been abandoned by the sire (don’t want
    to insult horses) they died because of placental retention and uterine revision and our O2 supply had been mixted up in basement with nitrous
    oxyde,one was 16 the other was 20.The dicks came back to pick their million dollar kids.Now all gas lines are color coded with male and female
    connections.Sorry for verbal diarrhea,have a good day.Jean Charles

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