What’s with all the Secrets, Planned Parenthood?

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One of most universal themes in family life is that all parents want what is best for their children. While different parents may make different decisions, few disagree with parents being involved. This is especially true when the children involved are under the age of 18.

Because of this, it may surprise you to learn that 40% of minors who have had an abortion say that neither of their parents knew about it [1].

How is this able to happen? How can the parents be completely left out of such a life-changing event?

One reason is that many states do not require any form of parental involvement [2]. Another reason has to do with the abortion providers themselves. For example, numerous lawsuits have been made against Planned Parenthood for not following parental consent guidelines [3].

It was also reported that in almost 3 out of every 4 cases the minor’s father does not know about the abortion [4]. Approximately 57% of the mothers who were aware their daughter was considering abortion chose not to their husbands [5].

What’s with all the secrets? Who is looking after the best interests of the children?

The most common reasons given for not talking to one’s parents about the abortion included [6]

– The desire to preserve the existing relationship with the parents
– To protect the parents from stress and conflict
– To avoid being attacked or forced to leave their parents’ home

While it is understandable that children would experience such anxiety that does not mean that the best answer is to not tell them at all. Without parental involvement, what happens with the pregnant minor is to a large extent in the hands of the abortion provider.

This presents an especially big problem because Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports suggest that the organization has “made selling abortions a higher priority than providing women with legitimate health care and prenatal support [7].”

Parents may not always be able to protect their children from harm. A certain level of risk will always be present. But abortion is not a simple, everyday procedure free of consequence. It is not too much to ask that there be greater legal assurances in place, to ensure some level of parental involvement. Your child’s future is too precious to be left solely in the hands of an organization like Planned Parenthood.



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